Earlier this year, when water off the British coast was much colder, we interviewed pro surfer Jessie Tuckman. She caught up with us recently to prove that surfing there in the summer is a completely different thing. (How much are plane tickets again?)

jessie tuckman surf uk summer

photo cred: jason feast

In two weeks Jessie’s going to be competing in the Boardmasters Surf Contest in Cornwall. Besides being a surf competition, it’s also a music, skate, and bmx fest that usually attracts around 20,000 people. (You can even camp there.) If you’re in the area, check it out and root for Jessie. We’ll be doing that from the next coast over.
graham stone jessie tuckman uk surf

photo cred: Graham Stone

jessie tuckman newquay great western beach uk graham stone

photo cred: Graham Stone

Jessica Tuckman Surfing on Great Western Beach Newquay. This photo is copyright Graham Stone but licensed to Jessica Tuckman for her personal use  Ref: Graham Stone

photo cred: Graham Stone

Later this year Jessie’s going on a trip along the Welsh coastline looking for new surf spots and exploring Welsh culture. We’re thinking our invitation got lost in the mail? We hope at least that she brings along a camera. Happy summer to all the cold water surfers out there, and good luck to all the ladies at Boardmasters!
MJ Photography Newquay jessie tuckman uk surf

photo cred: MJ Photography Newquay