The sunshine has won over the dark, the jean shorts are out of the closet, and fair-weather outdoor lovers are running for the mountains: it’s summertime.

Forget wondering which radical adventure will consume your summer or where your next unique Instagram post will be. Wherever you are and no matter the radness, it comes down to what you wear on your feet.sandals-4

We all know that a good pair of shoes is an investment in a good time. When your feet are injured or in pain, nothing is fine, beautiful, or even remotely OK. So when we buy a pair of shoes, we are trusting them to keep our feet feeling good and looking fine. That way, amid all the summer epic-ness, we don’t have to worry about silly things like our feet.

Clay and Bros Really Simple Sandals will take good care of your feet this summer and for life. These minimalist sandals hug your feet with parachute cord onto their thin rubber Vibram soles. The cord comes in 6 different colors. I picked black so I could wear my sandals to fancy dinners.

The sandals must be tied in a unique way which takes a little practice using the diagrams and videos from Clay and Bros. It took me about 6 times wearing them to get it down.

I’ve had my pair for 6 months, and they go everywhere with me. They are the do everything sandals from my backpacking camp shoes to my going out on Friday night sandals.

Getting Technical:sandals-3

Support: Flat soles and cord make you feel barefoot.

Pros: for people like me that appreciate freedom after spending long days in hiking boots and running shoes, these sandals are perfect.

Cons: The tying method does offer some support, but if you need major support for your feet, these are not the shoes for you.

Cons: These shoes will not protect you from nails or rocks dropped on your feet.


Pro: The sizes vary slightly in weight anywhere from 8 to 15 oz. My size 8 are only 10.8 oz. That’s under a pound no matter how big your feet are.


Pro: True to size.

Wear and tear:

Pro: The sandals have held up great so far with only a little fuzz showing on the chord. I wear them everywhere. Compared to my Birkenstocks, for which two weeks of constant wear is already wearing down the sole, these shoes are doing awesome. (I paid more for the Birks than the Clays)

The Look:

Pro: These shoes look good, bottom line. They look like classy gladiator sandals that can also transform into minimalist hiking shoes. Plus, a new awesome foot tan to rival all of your friend’s Chaco tans.

The Feel:

Pro: Like walking on the ground barefoot. I love the freedom these sandals give my feet.

The Function:

Pro: I have hiked, walked around town, run (only short amounts), done yoga, and danced my ass off in these shoes. They will not come off. The only suggestions I have, is to loosen the cord as your feet swell or tighten it as they shrink.sandals-2 (1)

Price: $72

Pro: These shoes may seem expensive for a piece of rubber and some cord, but the materials are first class: Vibram soles and the same parachute cord NASA uses on the space station. Plus, a life time warranty (send them back and Clay and Bros will fix them) makes under a hundred dollars sound pretty good. Just don’t throw them off the Grand Canyon.

Where to get them:

Other cool things:

Made in the USA

Awesome print out paper to size for your feet ordering

Final Rating: 5 Stars (unless you don’t like minimalist)


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