We asked Christina Saboe, owner and visionary behind Fireside Camp Supply, one of the best outdoors stores out there (in Philadelphia, to be exact), to give us her top holiday gifts for the quirky outdoorswoman or man in your life.

Her picks:


1. Cuttalossa Alpaca Boot Inserts: $20 - Personal store favorite. As someone with incredibly poor circulation, this extra cozy layer between me and the concrete of Philadelphia is a life saver.

2. Three Bad Seeds Mountain Pillow: $62 - The perfect accent piece to remind people when they visit your home, “Yea I climb mountains for real”.

3. Wetterlings Bushman Axe by Les Stroud: $175 - Lifetime guaranteed and as solid as the Survivorman himself, this beast does the work for you.

4. Mouse Trap Vintage Bandanas: $24 - Theres nothing worse than breaking in a stiff new bandana. These vintage alternatives are worn in for you by decades of hiking Boy Scouts.

5. Duluth Pack Co. Wool Scout Pack: $190 - Stash your technical 60L pack for the winter and don this classic for daytime use instead. Lifetime Guaranteed.

6. P&F Candle Co. Candles: $25 - These hand-dipped soy candles from California are my current obsession. Choose from relaxing Lavender to rustic Spruce to sexy Teakwood & Tobacco.

7. Constellation Fanny Pack: $35 - Stash the essentials for a night on the town or keep your hike minimal and stylish.

8. Felt Flower Workshop Felt Succulents: $15-55 - As a professional outdoorswoman born ironically without a green thumb, these help me fake my way through life.

9. Arcade Belts: $32 - These belts are one-size fits all and stretch with your hips straight through the holidays so you can enjoy that extra piece of pie and not feel bad about it.

10. Cardboard Safari Animal Trophies: $25-55 -  100% Vegan adult puzzle to charm up mantles and personal offices across the country.

Everything is available at Fireside Camp Supply and 90% of these gifts are Made in the USA.