We tried out Seattle Sports’ GloStick. It’s a lightweight, USB-charged beacon that has up to 3 hours of bright-setting usage. If love those crack-activated, party glow-sticks, but you just wish they would last longer, this is what you’ve been waiting for all these years.


Pro: Charging is easy and battery-free. If the GloStick is on SOS setting, it can stay illuminated for up to 35 hours.

Pro: It can easily attach to a backpack, bike, or mast (Seattle Sports makes a lanyard attachment). This is a great visibility tool, too, especially for boating, kayaking, and walking. 


Con: It is not bright enough to cast light very far. As in, you can’t count on it as an illuminating flashlight — it’s more for being seen rather than seeing. The flashlight function is rather diffuse.

Con: Because the color is determined by the tube the light is in, the color can’t change. If you purchase a red GloStick, that’s the color it’s going to stay. While that color is useful (it can be seen from very far away), it can be confusing if you’re boating or biking since it is specific to a direction (starboard, or the back of your bike).

Con: While it is USB-charged, it can’t give charge like other lights on the market. You couldn’t charge a device, like your phone, from this one.

Con: I tried using this as a backlight while biking, and while the flashing function is useful, it is not bright enough for safety visibility while moving on the roads.

In short, this is a useful, reliable safety item, but because of its single purpose (as a visibility beacon), it may not be the best choice if you’re looking for multi-purpose gear. But, at the same time, because of it’s simple design, it’s extremely durable and easy to use. It’s also great for late night lightsaber battles.

But, don’t take our word for it; get your own Seattle Sports GloStick USB on their site.