I know this is last minute, but if you’re still trolling for gift inspirations like I am, this may relieve some stress…especially if you’ve got some foodies in your life. And even if you don’t, everyone’s got to eat. Here is our expert list of gifts for foodies.

Molecule R- Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Know someone with an adventuresome palette? Are they always pushing the boundaries with their culinary creations? This kit offers the basic instruction, tools, and ingredients for embarking on some seriously weird, seriously cool food adventures.

Where to find it: $49.95 at Sur La Table


Embossed Rolling Pin

Impress all the other ladies at this years cookie swap with creations too fancy to eat. Who are we kidding?! No cookie is too fancy to eat. The designs are endless but this ugly-sweater pattern is a classic.

Where to find it: $33.00 from Housemate Artist on Etsy.com


Yeti Rambler Tumblers

We know Yeti Coolers are built for the wild, but these tumblers are great just about anywhere. They keep your hot things hot and your cold things cold. Who doesn’t like that? Plus they’re sturdy and can’t hold up to a rough and tumble lifestyle.

Where to find it: 29.99/20 oz and 39.99/30 oz at yeticoolers.com


Drinks by the Dram

The ultimate of ultimate boozy gifts, Drinks by the Dram sets offer 5 drams (3 cl samples) of whiskey, rum, liquers and other spirits—a great opportunity to try a variety of booze without committing to a whole bottle.   The Lucky Dip tasting set gives you a surprise combination of whiskey, gin, and liquers for the equal opportunity tippler while the Extreme Whiskey Set is for the true whiskey fanatic.

Where to find it: prices vary. masterofmalt.com


Foodie Dice

There’s nothing worse than an unimaginative chef. Do a friend a favor and help them spice up their dinner life. Designed by two amazingly creative sisters, these dice help you to decide on your protein, starch, veggies, seasoning and cooking methods. The possibilities are endless… Seriously, if 186,000 combinations don’t seem like enough, you can add the Booster Set. There’s even a set for daring amateur mixologists!

Where to find it: foodiedice.com $38


Smoked Ice Cubes

Everything is better smokey; scotch, pork, salmon, eyes. Take your cocktails to the next level with Smoked Ice Cubes. Bauer Family Farms sells bottles of cocktail ice and large ice-cube molds to enhance even the fanciest of cocktails. Choose from a variety of woods including maple, apple, cherry, and corncob.

Where to find it: $15 from Bauerfamilyfarms on etsy.com



Every world traveling foodie longs to collect authentic cooking vessels along the journey, but sometimes its just not feasible to fit a tagine, tandoori oven, or cast-iron Japanese tea set into your pack. These tagines, which come in multiple sizes, from Sur La Table ship free. Voila’ problem solved. Now to make that lamb tagine dish you had in Marrakech…

Where to find it: 2.1 QT- $99.96 at surlatable.com