When I first heard about Lilybed I was confused. Wait, a bed for women? What does that mean? Is this some kind of scam?

It only took a few conversations to realize that it in fact was not a scam. That it in fact was a really good idea. The conversations usually went like this:

Me: I just found out about this new bed. It was designed for women. By a woman. It’s a bed for women.

Friend: Oh, cool.

Me: Are you listening to me?

Friend: Yes! Sorry I was just lost in thought for a second.

Me: Fine. So, about this bed. I don’t exactly know what makes it different—

Friend: I’ve had a really hard time finding beds. 

Me: Hm?

Friend: Either they’re too soft or they keep me too hot at night. I have trouble sleeping. Did you know that?

Me: No, I didn’t. That’s too bad. Well, supposedly this bed helps women sleep better. Maybe give it a shot? 

Friends: Thanks, yeah. I really should. I haven’t slept in months.

Me: What? Really?

Friend: Hm? What was the name of that bed?

And it truly does help. I know that women need different types of support, and that includes during those sleeping hours. Brittany, the founder of Lilybed, knows that too. After years of being frustrated by the lack of choice out there, she decided to take matters into her own hands. I’m glad she did.

Now, about getting the mattress:


Lilybed is a foam mattress, so like some of those foamy competitors, it can be shipped straight to your door. Unlike those competitors, it’s designed and manufactured in the U.S. out of the best foam and fabric available. It comes compressed and vacuum-sealed, but along with it comes a handy tool to break the seal and release your new mattress into the world. I have to say, despite the box holding an entire mattress, it feels light and is easy to move. What’s even better, though, is watching the Lilybed expand to it’s full size. Thrilling! What a time to be alive! (Scroll down for the play-by-play)IMG_8067





Now, about the mattress itself:

In trying to describe if the Lilybed is a “hard” or “soft” mattress, I find myself coming up short. It has give to it, for sure. Its top layer has the slow return of memory foam. But, it doesn’t feel like you’re sinking or getting swallowed up. I don’t care for soft mattresses myself, and while this allows my hips and shoulders to sink in (I’m a side-sleeper, I admit it!), I’m buoyed up by a lower, sturdier foam layer.

One of my favorite features of the Lilybed is that it keeps me cool at night. I sleep very hot (“like a hot monkey,” to quote my mother), so when I read that the Lilybed was designed to be breathable and airy, I was intrigued. Since starting my trial with the mattress, I’ve found that to be very true! On cold nights, I’ve stayed cozy, and on warm nights I’m comfortable. It’s versatile like that.

Finally, I should say that I sleep with…a man. (The horror!) And he’s loving the Lilybed so far. He was skeptical about sleeping on a bed for women, but, hey, look at him now. Fast asleep. Before he went under I got a quick quote: “It’s really nice,” he drooled.

Here’s the made bed! Time to lie in it. Get yours here. IMG_20160517_141443_731