Mckenzie Santiago, former bartender turned business owner, founded Brooklyn Grooming with Alfredo Ortiz in 2009 when she moved to Brooklyn.

“The people there seemed like they were working towards something unique, which is what I wanted to do,” says Santiago.  “I loved seeing men with beards and Brooklyn didn’t have a mens grooming line, so I wanted to fill the void.” Let it be known: women can get in on the goodness, too. The tattoo balm, for instance, doesn’t require a beard. And it smells amazing.

Mckenzie believes “beauty is rooted in authenticity.”  She saw a gap in our mega-chain discount store culture when it came to artistry and detail, so Mckenzie made sure to make those two points a strong focus when starting her apothecary operation with its “apothecary aesthetic.” What fuels her business passion is a personal connection between crafters and customers that she feels is often overlooked in the hustle and bustle.  Her strong belief in quality and authenticity filters through the organic ingredients that go on to become products, to the precision that she applies to every single plastic seal and sticker.

If you’re in Brooklyn, give Mckenzie a visit, or check out their website to see all of her products.