Issue 1 is more than your daily dose of adventure. It’s a conversation starter, a coffee table piece, a spark plug for wild ideas, an ode to women getting out and beyond.

Issue 1 readers are saying, “Stayed up all night reading it cover to cover. LOVE IT. Thank you.” And “This is THE most inspirational magazine ever.”

If you’re curious about the contents of Issue 1, here’s a quick sneak peek of some of its treasures:

  • Summer Survival Guide: A warm-weather reference of essential how-tos, from landing a hang glider, to brewing honey wine, to fashioning a blowgun.
  • The Next Wave: Brown Girl Surf is an organization dedicated to raising up the next generation of surfers.
  • Pack List: What to bring on your summer biking, caving, and paddling excursions. 

  • Exploring Women: Francine LeFrak shares her philosophy on philanthropy.
  • Shifting Gears: How one bicycle collective in Tucson is changing the mechanics of empowerment.
  • Way Out At Hueco: Hueco Tanks has a long history of being an oasis, hideout, and climber’s paradise.
  • Africa’s Best Female Kayaker and the Disappearing Nile. Amina Tayona learned to kayak on Uganda’s White Nile, where the sport was essentially unheard of a generation ago. 
  • Underground Astronauts: They squeezed themselves through a seven-inch wide crevice — for science — and discovered a new species of hominid on the other side.
  • The Untold Story of Skateboarding Pioneers. Meet the women behind the 1970s skate scene.
  • Behold, Croatia: An ode to traveling alone, in words and pictures. 

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