Let us begin with that word: Rumpl.

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Does any other item on the outdoor gear market evoke the same sense of coziness as Rumpl? Designed by two guys who spend a lot of time in the outdoors, and were, as they put it, “unable to find a blanket that rivaled puffy jackets and sleeping bags in terms of performance, warmth, and durability,” the Rumpl is the latest addition to an often overlooked (or taken-for-granted) aspect of the outdoor experience: bedding.


Our test began in a neat two-person tent, pitched next to the bank of an overgrown stream outside of scenic Phoencia, NY. Our sleeping pads inflated, we covered them with The Rumpl, a soft blanket made of 20D Ripstop Nylon with DWR. The Rumpl is best described as a sleeping bag that somebody forgot to sew the zippers on. And, yes, it’s as beautiful as it is cozy. The Rumpl in our tent was teal with wavy, wood-grain inspired stitch lines, but you can also get Rumpls that evoke the color of raspberry jam or iron. We eagerly anticipated nightfall so we could snuggle under the blanket.13102401_171488323250677_2124176583_n

A rainstorm that rolled in over the mountains afforded us the opportunity to test the Rumpl’s warmth and DWR coating. Our previously idyllic campsite became a giant puddle and water pooled in the center of our tent, but luckily for us the water rolled right off the Rumpl, which lived up to its billing as water-resistant. (We fortunately didn’t have a chance to test if it truly is odor-resistant.)

When we woke up, it was clear that the Rumpl is comfy and warm. And perhaps best used by one person, or at least not two people sleeping on separate sleeping pads. I was snugly wrapped in the Rumpl while my husband was snugly wrapped in the other blanket we had planned to use to cover our sleeping pads. The Rumpl, as beautifully made as it is, might not ever replace the perfection of a zippered-up sleeping bag for tent camping. But—if you are trying to up your glamping game, if it’s time to replace that worn-out blanket in the back of your truck, or if you truly love the feeling of a sleeping bag wrapped tight around your shoulders or soft against your skin, then skip the zippers: the Rumpl is for you.

And on another note? We love the way Rumpl consistently features women in their imagery — women who are strong, comfortable, confident, and getting a kick out of the outdoors. There’s none of the tokenizing or objectification of lady adventurers so common elsewhere. First and foremost, Rumpl’s product is fantastic, but clearly the folks behind the scenes are stellar, too. Five stars from the outdoor-lovin’ gals at Misadventures!


Summer Stuff 2016

This review/field test by Rachel Andersen and Andis Kancans is part of our gear series featuring summer discoveries that have quickly become summer necessities.