In the summertime, is it possible to spell JAMZ without a Z? Nope. 7 JAMZ below!

Unapologetic — Tanya Stephens

The REAL queen of Jamaican dancehall.

Papaoutai — Stromae ft. Angel Haze

Love the song, love the remix. Marry me, Stromae?

New York 2017 — Party Supplies

If you’re going to have a party, you’ll need some Party Supplies.

Where The Party At — Jagged Edge ft. Nelly

Can someone tell me, please?

So Krispy — Kinfolk Kia Shine

Y’all, he’s so true to Memphis.

Morris Brown — OutKast

Perhaps one of the most underrated OutKast songs. Congratulations to Big Boi and Andre for making 20 years of music! “2 dope boyz in a cadillac STILL.”

Lights - Journey

Dedicated to Jon and Zoe.

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