Valentine’s Day: what’s it all about? Is it about this guy (sadly beheaded)? Is it about this? Or perhaps, this? Who can say.

All we know is there are a bunch of readers out there in TV land with outdoorsy sigs, partners, partners-in-crime, best friends, work friends, loves-from-afar, loves-from-closeup, roommates, and really important nemeses that you may want to do some creative gifting for come February 14th (a Sunday this year, by the by).

To help, we’ve compiled a list of useful, lovely, and weird gifts for your adventurous other because nothing is more adventurous than telling someone you love them. Let me count the ways:

First, this Explorers Axe.rossaxe (1)

Because they are worth it.

Second, this SPOT Trace.


So you can keep track of your love from ANYWHERE (not in a creepy way…in a loving way).

Third, this indestructible growler for romantic outdoor beverages.


Because nothing says love like a growler. (You can even get these personalized so that your growler can literally say love on it.)

Fourth, a Copenhagen Wheel.


It turns any bike into a scooter so that your love will never have to pedal uphill again. If your love is a bike commuter, consider splurging for one of these amazing love-colored gadgets. They’ll be zooming around town singing songs about you, guaranteed.

Fifth, this love-inducing Antidote Chocolate.


Classic, yes. Ordinary, no, no, a thousand times no.

Sixth, this Ursa Major Traveler’s Skin Care Kit.


No matter how far they may roam, every time your special someone cleans up, they’ll think of you. Plus, who can resist a kit. Kits rule. If you love a shaver, consider the shaving kit (it comes with a razor carved out of walnut; sure to impress).

And, finally, this Cotopaxi Unisex Jacket.


It’s light, cozy, and feels like a good hug. Plus, it’s reflective. You want your love to be visible and warm out there in the world. Happy lovin,’ and good luck.b538794a9d78f78685734f5eaae4985b