If you don’t know about She Ventures, you should.

Founded by Georgina Miranda (the woman who brought us the outdoor online marketplace, Altitude Seven), She Ventures aims to connect women leaders in the outdoor industry with their communities. That confluence not only energizes the industry, but underscores the inequality of representation and lack of focus on women in the outdoors — something that Miranda hopes will galvanize change.

After a successful, sold-out event in San Francisco, She Ventures is hitting the road. In the coming weeks, She Ventures will bring together women in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, New York, and Boulder. Anyone who is lucky enough to get a ticket will get a chance to meet women athletes, company founders and CEOs, thought-leaders, and pioneers in the outdoors world. She Ventures advertises TED-style talks, inspiration, and prizes galore, and based on their past events, they will definitely deliver.


But, it’s more than prizes that makes these events worthwhile. In Miranda’s own words, “Adventure has the power to changes lives. There is beauty in our strength, our courage, and our willingness to dare as women. We have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and encourage adventure as a way of life. We are changing the face of adventure one city at a time.” Visit the She Ventures site to get your tickets while you can (you may even win some Misadventures swag and subscriptions…).

Upcoming event dates:

Vancouver-September 20th

Seattle- September 21st

Portland-September 22nd

NYC-September 28th

Boulder-October 27th