That’s right. I got naked with hundreds of strangers. Sight unseen, I ventured off to the land of the free and home of the buff. And I can honestly say, without hesitation, that my trip to Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica, was one of the most liberating vacations I’ve ever had.  

It’s safe to say I’m a fairly free spirit. But I wasn’t always that way. Catholic school-raised in a traditional Irish family, I know that spreading those wings and letting your freak flag fly isn’t always easy. It takes time. Nowadays, being topless on the Colorado River is par for the course during my summers in the San Juan Mountains — so the whole clothing-optional thing seemed like a natural fit. What I wasn’t expecting, though, was the incredibly warm community that came along with it.

Hedonism II is branded as a Lifestyle-friendly, adult playground. And it’s spot-on. A place where you can leave the mundane behind and escape to a magical oasis that allows you to live out every fantasy you desire. “Pursue pleasure” is the slogan that greets you as you pull up to the resort, and that says it all. From sexy theme nights, to dinnertime entertainment, to late-night shenanigans in the anything-goes Playroom (complete with purple velvet walls, mattresses, sex swings, and even a stall shower), I discovered that Hedonism II really does have something for everyone.

While I’m a gal whose spirit animal is a bead-wearing flamingo, I also really, really love and appreciate the finer things in life. Being able to kick it at a resort that delivered the party and afforded me a classic tropical vacation was ideal. From lazy mornings lounging on Negril’s sun-drenched, white sand beach to being pampered at the spa, I had no problem turning the place into a personalized paradise. I’d be lounging on a shaded, quiet hammock in the sand one minute, and the next, I found myself joining in on a topless cake-decorating party at the pool. Go figure.

One of my favorite things about the resort, and its guests, was the anonymity. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing travel-inspiring photos as much as the next gal, but I also love, and appreciate, the opportunity to revel in my own company, without having to worry about what anyone else in the world is up to. And on this trip, I could do just that. In today’s social media obsessed world, there’s certainly no shortage of awe-worthy vacation pics and stunning scenery. I’ll admit, I too have moments of envy when scrolling through my newsfeed (you know you’ve been there). But at Hedonism, I was free to run around in my birthday suit, lounge butt-ass naked in the pool, and go for a solo skinny-dip in the evening without a care.

The most novel thing about Hedonism is that you’ll have no real expectations before you arrive. The privacy is refreshing, and the experience is what you make it. Whether you’re a solo traveler looking to get in touch with your inner wild woman, or you’re in a committed relationship and are looking to spice things up with your longtime lover, Hedonism II is awaiting you with open arms.  

Guest Contributor

Julie Peirano is a writer and adventurer based in Telluride, CO.