In January 2016, I was asked to take an Ethnotek India 10 Bagan Bag for a spin to see how I liked it.

I proceeded to take it on a spin for six months. I spun, and I spun, and I spun. I’m dizzy.

I toted my gigantic MacBook Pro, charger, and notebook to and from the office. I toted my towel, book, and sunglasses to and from the beach. I toted my climbing harness, chalk, and shoes to and from the climbing gym.

Lesser bags would be worn out from all the toting. But this is no ordinary bag. First of all, the bag is LINED. I can’t stress how crucial this element is to someone like me, who can’t manage to keep her climbing chalk in her chalk bag. One wipe, and BOOM. Clean.

Second of all, because its base is made from water-resistant nylon, it still looks as good as new despite all the wet, dirty ground it’s been flung upon.

The Bagan Bag melds form and function in a way that, frankly, I didn’t see coming, because of its sheer beauty. Pretty AND smart. Marry that bag.

  • Form: Handmade Thread cotton fabric exterior
  • Form: Color palettes that make your brain and eyeballs giddy
  • Function: Front zipper pocket with two built-in slip pockets
  • Function: The strap is made of nylon webbing, and it looks like a SEATBELT. This is my favorite part. Strapped in for adventure.

What put me over the moon is that Ethnotek’s bags feature ethically sourced handmade textiles. Purchasing from Ethnotek means that you’re supporting employment for artisans around the globe. As if I needed another reason to love this travel satchel.

I really tested this puppy out, and it stood the test of time. Five thumbs up. Ten stars. A hundred rainbows. A thousand praise-hands emojis. Put a RING on this bag, which is as versatile as you are.


This review is part of our gear series featuring summer discoveries that have quickly become summer necessities.