This week, I was lucky enough to get to test C2’s performance tights and undertop. I say lucky because the weather in Boston has called for some serious under-layers the past few days. It’s been cold — but not cold enough for snow — and wet. Nothing like a windy, wintry mix to make you say, ah, spring!

Enter C2. I should say that I’m something of a leggings aficionada. I wear them nearly every day. I wear them to work, I wear them to bed; I’d wear them to formal occasions, bedazzled, if I knew where to go and who to convince to let me in. Take that as my credentials for saying that C2’s performance tights are one in a million. They are thick (thick enough to keep you warm in a wintry mix — and hide underwear lines), warm (lined with microfiber fuzz of the gods), and stretchy (they’ve got a lot of give, but I’ve worn them, washed them, and worn them again and they haven’t stretched out). They also come pre-bedazzled, with a small adornment of the C2 logo on the calf, reflective in the dark and perfect for late-night biking.

Fun day reviewing gear for THE THAW. It's not quite winter and it's not quite spring but you still wanna go #outside. @buff_usa @buyc2 & @icebugof make it easy

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Of note: I’ve had microfiber leggings before. I call them “winter leggings.” I’m not sure why, but the companies that made these other models (not naming any names) always got the same thing wrong: the waist band. One pair’s band was so tight I felt nauseous after wearing them for a few hours. Another’s was so loose that I kept flashing cars while riding my bike down the road (rush hour). These were all size smalls, so what gives? Naturally, when I got the C2 performance tights this was the first thing I tested. I’m happy to say, success! This waistband is the model of comfort. Tight, but not corset-tight. Comfortable, high (but not too high), and, dare I say, flattering.

The undertop is much the same. It’s stretchy, comfortable, and is the perfect thing for winter/spring outdoorsing because it keeps your core warm without overheating you. My one complaint is that the thickness of the fabric makes the neckline and armholes a bit inflexible, but that’s not much of a complaint at all.

I should take a moment to say that C2 is a woman-founded company. Jane Hayes is a New England native, and she started C2 to make the clothes she wish she had. She cares about the outdoors and making high-quality stuff to keep you out there, longer, so that you can go farther, see more, and have some great experiences. If you are deciding between another product from a big-name brand and this, why not use your purchase to support women in business. Great gear? check. In line with values? Double check. Easy choice.

The only downside I see is the price. Both pieces will cost you about $170 all together, but believe me when I say that if you’re a coldweather biker, hiker, or skier, it’s worth it. You’ll wear them all the time. It’s just taking that first plunge. All in all, these are great pieces that will take you from deep, dark winter, to the bright days of spring, and beyond. Astronauts wear this type of thing in space, under their suits, in the space-cold. What more of an endorsement do you need?