Misadventures is a women’s adventure magazine.

We launched online in 2013 with content geared toward the modern adventuring woman: essays, articles, how-tos, reviews and recommendations, and interviews with inspiring women. Since then, we’ve developed a dedicated readership, earned accolades and won awards, and have proven what a 21st-century magazine for women can and should be.

In July 2015, we opened our online store. In November 2015, we published our first print edition of the magazine. We sold out in one month, and signed with Ingram Periodicals, a leading distributor of specialty and general periodicals. Soon after, Barnes & Noble identified Misadventures as an exciting new title, and selected us for a front-shelf promotion in stores nationwide. In July 2016, we released our second print issue to subscribers and Barnes & Noble shoppers both, and we’re looking for advertising partners for Winter 2016.

Our aim is simple: to create the best outdoors and adventure content out there. We invite you to join us on the journey!


2014 Davidson Venture Fund Winner

2014 Awesome Foundation Winner

“30 Hottest Magazine Launches of 2016” (Magazine Innovation Center)

“Top 100 Outdoor Blogs on the Web (#19)” (Feedspot)


“The most awe-inspiring magazine.” - Subscriber

Misadventures satisfies my urge for adventure.” - Surveyed Reader

“Exquisite and intelligent magazine that I feel lucky to have found.” - Barnes & Noble Shopper 



Our second issue dropped in June 2016.

We printed 5000 copies of the Summer 2016 issue, and shipped them straight to our subscribers, Barnes & Noble bookstores, and several independent retailers. See our stockist list here.


We plan to print 5000 copies of Winter 2016, and are in the process of reaching out to more potential stockists, both internationally and domestically.

Who reads Misadventures?

The magazine’s combination of unique content and compelling design have attracted an engaged audience who want quality in all their lifestyle choices—food, gear, apparel, design, travel and more.

Unlike our competitors, we keep a keen eye on the complex and multifaceted identity of the modern woman. In our pages, readers encounter intersections between their many interests, and discover stories to inspire their own wandering spirit.

Where are Misadventures readers located?

Misadventures subscribers are generally urban, with the largest concentrations in the New York, San Francisco Bay, D.C., and Chicago areas, and sizable readerships in Seattle, Boston, and Boulder. A sure-fire sign of a Misadventures community and high subscriber rate is a small city with thriving outdoors, food, and art scenes, and a young population.


85% Women / 15% Men

25-34 Average Age

$75-100K Average HHI

52% Married / 48% Single

81% College Educated or Higher



Premium brands

Ethnic explorers

Natural living

Fresh & healthy


% More Likely To Make Purchase Type

100% -  Business

50% -  Sports & Outdoor

43% - Household Product

25%  - Home & Garden

21% - Clothing

11% - Health & Beauty

*Datalogix, Epsilon, & Acxion

Misadventuresmag.com is the authority on women pushing the boundaries of exploration, expectation, extreme sport, the outdoors, and beyond.

We fill a specific gap in online publishing by delivering quality content to a long-ignored and growing audience.

Our website takes the elements that have always set Misadventures apart—our unique mission, high standards for editorial, access to talent, and loyal community of readers and contributors—and optimizes them for a digital audience.

The site is a travel and outdoors resource as well as the home of eye-opening stories and photography. We feature profiles of women pioneers, how-to guides on everything from better bug spray to camping cocktails, gift and gear recommendations, and information on adventure opportunities. Our essays and articles focus on what matters most to misadventurers: How do you motivate yourself over that mountain? What’s it like to travel solo? Which adventures should you tackle next? All this is delivered in our innovative, signature style that separates us from other outdoors magazines.

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57% Women / 42% Men

25-34 Average Age


Monthly Average:

50K pageviews

18K individual users

2.4 pages/session

1.20 session duration


9K+ Twitter

10.5K+ Instagram

6.8K+ Facebook

2K+ Newsletter Sign-Ups



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  • ON SALE NOVEMBER 15, 2020
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  • Art due 9/30/2016
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  • Full Page: Trim Size 7.75″ × 10.5″ / Bleed Size 8″ × 10.75″/ Safety Area 6.67″ × 9.125″
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  • Files should be delivered at minimum 300 dpi, CMYK, as a PDF or as packaged InDesign files.

For advertising rates, contact Hannah Hinson at [email protected].


  • Homepage banner: 728 x 90 or 970 x 90
  • Sidebar: 336 x 280
  • Footer: 336 x 280
  • Discounts offered for larger programs.
  • Design should adhere to your own aesthetic.

For advertising rates, contact Hannah Hinson at [email protected].