I’m preparing for an upcoming trip to Turkey with my bffl.

Here is a rundown of some of the functional yet lovely summer gear I will be bringing with me…

Walking shoes

Having super comfortable and versatile shoes are absolutely key to my wellbeing on a trip because I generally log at least 5-10 miles of walking a day. Our feet are the foundation of the whole body… it’s worth investing in their happiness.

Comfort + function shoe

Dorra Sandals

It is really hard to find a shoe that is truly comfy while being truly pretty. These Dorra sandals from Chacos are like heaven for your soles, and (perhaps surprisingly) really stylish. Throw them on for a day of sightseeing around town and wear them into the evening. Your feet will thank you, believe me.

The classic ready-to-roll shoe


For more rustic exploration, it is hard to beat Chacos too. Check out their Yampa Sandal for a sleeker twist on their classic design.


Having a good day bag is essential. I look for something that has secure closure so I have peace of mind about pickpockets. I also want durability-and to be looking fly too. Here are some of my top picks from designer-makers on Etsy.

Chic bag

For a distinctive look, check out Badimyon’s canvas rucksack. Their pieces are made in their family studio on the Sea of Galilee. The fabrics are super high quality, and each bag comes with a 3 year warrantee.

Leather bag

MAHI Leather bags are perfect if you are looking for a highly durable option. Their pieces are handmade with vegetable dyes, giving each one a unique, vintage-inspired finish.

Do-Gooder bag

do gooder

ThaiHandbags works with the Hmong peoples in Northern Thailand to export their handicrafts and provide a livelihood. Their bright and cheery backpacks are made with woven fabric pieces.


Luggage tags

Now that you have a lovely day pack, you’ll want to complete the set with these adorable luggage tags. The folks at Marmaline can even customize your tags using original maps of your favorite spots. This is what I call traveling in style.

A great book

I am one of those humans who still reads paper books. Bringing a good ol’ fashion book along on a trip is a great idea… you don’t have to worry about it getting wet, dirty or sandy, and if it is stolen or lost it’s not as big of a deal as losing a tablet. My fave pick lately is Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Stop what you are doing right now and read it. Seriously.



Investing in a nice journal from Moleskine has changed my life. After years of taking a hiatus, I started journaling again because the experience of writing in their journals is so pleasant. Bring one along for the ride to capture your impressions and favorite memories of your adventure.