Are you ever on a mountain or leading a camping trip for five-to-ten naked cherubs who won’t stop blowing their damn conchs even though you told them a million times and you’re like, where’s the wine?

Me, too. Me, too.

It can be such a hassle to lug the hooch on any backcountry trip, especially if you’re going with people who cut off the handles of their toothbrushes and the toggles off their zippers to drop some pounds. And, sure, we’ve all put a bag of wine in our pack at some point or filled a camelback with some quality Franzia, sure. But don’t even think about drinking it out of nice glasses or anything that isn’t a nalgene or a folded leaf.

Enter, MoiChef. I like to think their life’s work is answering some of these complaints. Their silicone wine glasses are foldy, collapsible, light as a feather, and verifiably space-travel-ready, for real. They keep their wine-glass shape mostly, but, like love, if you hold on too tightly you get covered in wine. I had to wash them a few times to get the silicone smell off, but after that, business. The compliments were pouring in on my classy high-techness and I had the satisfied feeling of drinking from something that sort of resembled a boob.

[bctt tweet=”I had the satisfied feeling of drinking from something that sort of resembled a boob.”]


The glasses I give five stars, except that they have the less-than-lovely MoiChef logo emblazoned on them. Perhaps plain next time?

And the pouch I give three stars because it doesn’t hold enough wine. Sure, it holds one bottle, but is that really enough for a whole picnic? I rest my case.

For all your camping or beach day needs, you can get the whole shebang, complete with semi-lame carrying case.