Before we even get to the Trunk Bag, let me tell you about Po Campo, the company that makes it.

The story goes: Maria Boustead was a go-getting industrial designer in Chicago when she realized that she didn’t have a bag that was both sturdy enough to attach to her bike for her commute and presentable enough to go into her office with her. She looked around, and to her surprise, she couldn’t find one. She thought, why hasn’t this been invented yet?

As you might’ve guessed, she took matters into her own hands and Po Campo was born.

Po Campo makes bags for cyclists, on and off their bikes, and they are truly beautiful. The one that really caught my eye is the Logan Trunk Bag, named, I assume, for Chicago’s Logan Square, where I bet this bag would fit right in. The Trunk Bag attaches to your bike’s rear rack to become a soft, stylish storage compartment for your wallet, a light sweater, that bouquet of lavender you just bought, whatever. It detaches to become a hand bag, or, with the strap, a nice cross-body bag that you won’t feel underdressed carrying anywhere.

po campo

Even better: it’s made with vegan, weatherproof fabric with subtle spots of reflectiveness so you — and your stuff — stay visible.

And “trunk” is no exaggeration. It really is roomy in there — with pockets, zips, and ties to keep it all in order. After communing with this bag for some time, and even road-testing it on the treacherous streets of Boston, I honestly can’t find anything wrong with it. If you’ve got a bike-commuting, bike-loving friend, this would be an incredible gift that they’ll love showing off at stoplights.

po campo

This bag comes in at $79.99, which seems steep, but considering the quality and durability, is incredibly reasonable.

I like it best in the Umber Waxed Canvas. But that’s just me. Also, check out their yoga-friendly Weekender bag. Pretty snazzy.

Five Stars! More, if I had them!