Sea To Summit knows its bags.

The company has made its reputation by keeping dry stuff dry (dry sacks) and warm-blooded stuff…err…people…warm (sleeping bags). When Sea To Summit sent me an Ultra Sil Day Pack from their “Traveling Light” collection, I was jazzed to take it for a spin.

And I took it for spin after spin. I took it to the beach. I took it to an island. I took it to the gym. I took it to the ol’ swimmin’ hole. I took it to Ultimate Frisbee practice. I took it to the grocery store. It’s had everything in it-cleats, gym shorts, beach towels, shells, covert champagne, gallons of milk. Gallons!

This enthusiasm stems from the sheer unlikelihood of the bag. It’s barely even there. It’s 2.4 oz. That’s like nothing. It’s more not-bag than bag. Best of all, you can fold it up and it just about disappears.

Ultra-Sil® Day Pack

Yet, it’s freaky strong. Did I mention the gallons of milk? GALLONS!

My one complaint is that it’s not water resistant, but they make that product, too. So just get that one.

I’m a fan of this lightweight, no-frills, no-pockets bag because I’m a fan of minimalism in a shadowy, abstract way. For example, I like to know that someone, somewhere, is living in a tiny house. Is that person me? Not YET. This simple and streamlined day pack is helping me fake it til I make it.