The hashtag that Electric sunglasses has emblazoned on its Instagram feed is #StyleThatPerforms, and however slick that may sound, when it comes to Electric, it happens to be true. The company manages to combine a California cool with Italian sensibilities to make something that looks effortless but feels thoughtful. Electric is rooted in the surf, snow, and skate scene, and they’ve retained a lot of that flavor while drawing inspiration from more iconic sunglasses shapes reminiscent of Detroit jazz and Nashville’s main drag.

My favorite thing about their women’s offerings is their androgyny. They range from big, bulky glasses, to small ones, square frames to cat-eyes. There is something for everyone, and every face, in nearly ever color (or at least all the good ones). I tried out a pair of Reprise glasses: a classic, flattering round shape in a purplish tortoise shell. First, I should say that these glasses looked good on everyone who tried them on. They are stylishly big without eclipsing you. They are lightweight, yet not at all flimsy. Electric uses Italian acetate (they’re made in Italy) to form their frames, which makes them extremely durable and impervious to scratches. The lenses are crisp and polarized, immediately improving my visibility and making the world look that much sharper compared to my old, smudged pair. The Reprise, especially in rose, are no doubt one of my favorites, but I also love these chunky frames and these amazing cat-eyes with an amazing name (Danger Cat). They would look perfect with an easy summer dress or an eighties one-piece suit. Of course, the downside to having nice things is handing over the cash for them. Electric sunglasses are not cheap (the Reprise glasses retail for $175), but you are getting what you pay for. You’re supporting an American company and ensuring you’ll have a timeless pair of good-looking sunglasses for many, many years to come (unless you loose them — I’m not ashamed to say I wear one of these). Consider it an investment. As far as summer stuff goes, sunglasses top the list, and as far as sunglasses go, you can’t do much better than Electric.


This review is part of our gear series featuring summer discoveries that have quickly become summer necessities.