Tentsile took all of our aspirations for savoring nature without being savored by nature, and turned these imaginings into a product both practical and whimsical. We tested out the Connect Tree Tent, and we are still raving about it.

As Tentsile says, “Tentsile combines the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the security and multi-person-occupancy of a tent. Our range of suspended shelters are unimpeded by wet, rocky or uneven ground conditions and will literally take your camping experience to a new level!”

Tentsile founder Alex Shirley-Smith dreamed up the idea and began prototyping models after training as an architect. As you can imagine, the tree tent instantly became a phenomenon. As their riveting Instagram feed illustrates, Tentsile is inspiring people all over the world to find creative and bold places to camp.

The Connect Tree Tent is a “living space” suspended between root and limb, allowing you and your partner in flight to stretch out underneath leaves and sky, sheltered under a fermata of calm.

It comes with a rain fly, or you can remain one breezy mesh liner away from the flight-bound world. No more worrying about ground tarps or unpleasant camping surfaces. Having been monsooned in a ground tent on our last bike trip, we were delighted to rest well on the firm, supportive, dry surface of our tree tent.

We even set the Connect up in a driveway between two trees and a sturdy column, allowing for a relaxing afternoon hang out space.

Our neighbors mused that it could even be a delightful outdoor playspace for their toddlers. Yes. Our colleagues mentioned that we might hold meetings there. Yes. Oh, the possibilities for us all.


Study up on your geometry before you begin setting up the Connect, as we found our tree triangles and angles to be surprisingly tough to judge during setup.

Make sure you watch a tutorial or understand how to use ratchets and straps before you begin-this will save on time and frustration levels when you try to hoist up your tree tent and find that the ratchets have become a menacing roadblock to imminent tree pod bliss. Imminent!

The Tentsile Connect will draw attention-it is every inner child’s dream treehouse tent, after all-so be prepared to chat with strangers and friends alike.


The Connect isn’t quite light enough yet to pack in on the trail. It fits inside a hefty duffel bag, so it’s more suitable for car camping or a shorter hike to your destination. Good news: Tentsile is constantly innovating and improving upon their models and materials.

At $450, the Connect is definitely a serious investment in your relaxation. Considering the quality and durability of materials, the relative ease of setup, and the unbeatable satisfaction of relaxing in the Connect, the price is quite reasonable.


As Tentsile originated from a passion for protecting and promoting healthy forests, the team partners with the WeForest Initiative to plant three trees for every tent sold. Go trees, go!

If you’ve got a birthday, registry, or early Christmas list to plan, consider the Tentsile Connect as a gift for you, your inner child, and those who savor the outdoors with you. Check out how various Tentsile models compare to find the right one for you.


This review is part of our gear series featuring summer discoveries that have quickly become summer necessities.