If you…

  • Add kale to your smoothies, salads, ice cream, or whatever, without even thinking about it,
  • Would love to spend an evening singing along to banjo tunes beside a mountain campfire,
  • Would trade every minute in the office for 30 seconds on the trail,
  • Have a fondness for minimalist art,
  • Are addicted to fair trade chocolate and/or coffee,
  • Are a dystopian heroine who will do whatever it takes to survive,
  • Are someone who is anywhere close to the aforementioned…

These Woolrich shoes are the shoes for you. Light, warm, and organic, they will set you apart in the sea of Uggs and Converse beating the pavement. Their simplicity allows you to display your obsession with adventure even in mundane places like the grocery store. They look especially rad when you tie the leather laces in a square knot and then tuck in the ends.


These shoes provide great support for all your long treks across both sidewalks and soil, but keep your feet close to the earth. Coming from a tall girl, the lack of heel is a huge perk.

They are water-resistant, but not completely water-proof, so don’t go scuffing around in deep puddles on purpose.

I’m currently packing for a weekend flight out east, and for the first time, I feel perfectly confident in taking only one pair of shoes. These are multi-purpose enough to be cool at the university or the office, while remaining sturdy enough for walking and traveling.laneGoing into the next phase of winter, I give these a 4.75 out of 5.

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Ellyn Gibbs is a writer, adventurer, and Misadventures editorial intern.